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Check List When Buying A Pinball

Jennings Tic Tac Toe


1940s art deco light up chief Jennings penny tic tac toe with original coin box. It has the keys but think they are original but not sure. Two keys. One for the back door, one for the coin box. 


1938 Pace Dollar Slot. Very nice condition. Very slight flaking of the red paint below the reel glass. Otherwise, works smoothly and pays well. These games did not have working jackpots since the coins were too big to fit. 


1940s Mills QT Hash Slot Machine. This is a 3/4 QT Slot Machine that Mills produced. It has a great action. It works 100% and looks great. It has original Mills locks. It is beautiful. 


This is a beautifully restored 1931 Mills OK Vendor. See pictures below to see what it looked like before the restoration. The slot machine works 100% including payouts and jackpot. It has a double jackpot. On the next pull after the jackpot has been won, the upper area coins fall into the lower jackpot area. The top area then fills up with coins to prepare for the next cycle.

The award paper and fortune paper has been replaced with new lamenated paper. The handle and hardware, the award frame and frame around the front key have been re-plated. I was able to get a replacement key made for the front by Leesburg Lock and Key. The glass has been replaced. The front has been cleaned and painted. The vendor mechanism does not work since the part of the inner slot hardwae is missing, as most are. If you press the lever with the back door open, the mechanism works. 


Unrestored, clean Buckley (Mills) Conversion Nickel Slot. It works nicely. It looks good. It has the lock and key on the back door and original coin box. 



Original Mills Castle Front mechanical 10 cent slot machine from around 1934. This machine works perfectly, pays perfectly and is enjoyable to play. This is a very pretty slot machine and will look great in any room in your home.

This machine has a double working jackpot. There is a hidden jackpot on top of the jackpot that is displayed through the glass window. When the player gets 3 bars, the player wins 20 coins and all coins showing in the jackpot window. When the next coin is played, the hidden jackpot falls into place and fills the jackpot window. This encourages play on the machine since the jackpot is not empty signifying that it was recently paid out. Once the hidden jackpot coins fall into view, the machine starts filling up the reserve for the next time the jackpot is hit.  


Virginia Sales Tax

Virginia sales tax is currently 6.0%. Sales tax for in-state orders applies to machines and parts. It does not apply to the delivery or repair services.


All pinball machines and antique slot machines are warranted for 6 months if we deliver the machine. We encourage you to call if there are any issues. Usually we can solve the problem over the phone. We will attempt to assist you over the phone, otherwise we will repair the pinball machine within the first 6 months. (If the pinball is located more than 50 miles away, there will be a trip charge of $100 even for warranty work.)

All new video games and other new machines are warranted by the manufacturer. We encourage you to call if there are any issues. Usually we can solve the problem over the phone. We will attempt to assist you over the phone, otherwise we will work with the manufacturer.

Classic video games are warranted for 1 month.

Newer slot machines (if we even bother to sell them anymore) are warranted for 30 days. We encourage you to call if there are any issues. Usually the problem is a stuck coin. We will attempt to assist you over the phone, otherwise we will repair the machine within the first 30 days. You will need to bring back the machine or work with us over the phone to diagnose the problem and bring in the specific part. If you live nearby, we may, at our discretion, come out to your site to diagnose.

Click here for additional warranty information.

Reasons You Should Let Us Deliver Your Pinball (or Another Machine)

  1. We will NOT provide a warranty for the machine since we cannot be assured that a problem did not happen when you transported the machine.
  2. We take responsibility for any damage that may occur during the delivery process.
  3. We professionally set up the machine, connect all the connectors, attach the legs, head, etc. and ensure that the pinball works properly. If anything is out of adjustment due to moving the machine, we can fix it in a few minutes as compared to having to come to your house later and charging you a trip fee and repair charge.
  4. If anything major is out of adjustment, we can order parts and repair. This hardly ever happens but it could and you and the machine are protected.

Delivery Options

We are currently set up for local delivery only within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North-Eastern West Virginia area. If you are interested in shipping the pinball machine, we will contact a shipper. You will pay all crating and postage costs.

If you would like us to deliver and set up within 50 miles of Purcellville, the charge is $175; within 100 miles $350. The delivery charge includes delivery to a first floor or basement level if walk-out.

We will not sell you a game/deliver the game if the only entrance to your basement is an inside the house staircase. They are too narrow. Plus we have to ensure we don't mess up carpet or wood. It just isn't worth it.

You may also come and pick up the machine from our location.