1952 Super Shuffle Alley by United - SOLD

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I received this game in October 2005. I just started working on it May 27, 2006. It is probably about 95% complete now. Thanks to everyone on EMPinballMachines for their help. The high score does not work and will not work. I can probably get it working after another 100 hours of work, but it is not worth it. The top wood is missing on the backglass.

I followed Clay's instructions and got this machine working. I cleaned the 10-90 unit on player one 2 times. It looks like it can still use some help. But I played the other players and they move nicely. They also engage the 100 reel. Everything cleaned up on this machine nicely. You will see below that I will try to work on the would a bit and get a replacement piece of wood for the top of the back box. The switch for the coin entry is not working. I will probably buy a small switch and put it under the game to start the game. I will work with my neighbor to glue and repair the rounded wood at the front of the pins.

This game is now for sale. The delivery charge will require 2 to 3 people at your end to assist taking this into your basement. If it is not feasible to move a coffin that is 9 feet long into your home, this game is NOT for you.

Before I sold the game, I scanned the schematics and the pin schematics. They are available below. If you use them and find them of value, please consider donating a few dollars to The Internet Pinball Database. Here is the page to donate to. I am not associated with them. I just think that they are a great resource.

Super Shuffle Alley Schematics

Super Shuffle Alley Pin Schematics



This is a beautiful machine!



I replaced all the original lights with #47. Hopefully this will be less hot. I found replacement 7 1/2 Watt lights.



It looks better with the backglass on. I used triple thick on the back of the glass to protect the artwork as it currently stands.



The game had the schematics on the bottom of the cabinet. I took them to the local copy center. I had copies made then I had them laminated so I can place them back in the game.






These switches just needed to be cleaned.



These switches also needed to be cleaned. Once I cleaned the step up unit (to the left of the transformer), the pins raised and lowered correctly. (I am sure it also fixed up a lot of other things too.)



This is a close up of the wire that I added to get the 30 volts to go to the 10-90 Unit relay, the puck relay and the 18 score reels in the back box. This is what everyone helped me with!



The door is in good condition but the switch in the coin mechanism is very touchy. It works but a dime is no longer strong enough to trip the start game switch. I added a switch at the bottom of the game.



"The Coffin", as my wife calls it.



The pins cleaned up incredibly well. They were yellow and crusted with dirt.



The bane of my existence for the past month. All 18 reels have been taken apart (some 2 or 3 times!) and cleaned. Each reel took 1 hour to clean!



Before the "sneeze guard" is added to the pins and the wood placed back on it.



"Puck view" of the pins with the plastic "sneeze guard" protecting the pins. Note the new rubber at the end of the lane.

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